MSL Captive Solutions scores double win in Captive International’s U.S. Captive Awards

by | Nov 14, 2023 | news, press release

us awards 2023 logoMSL Captive Solutions, Inc. has been named Best Reinsurer (Firm) in Captive International’s 2023 U.S. Captive Awards. Additionally, MSL Managing Director Phillip C. Giles has been named Best Reinsurer (Individual) in the same category. Captive International’s annual U.S. Captive Awards are based on feedback received from the captive industry, and in particular from readers of Captive International. The winners and highly commended in each category were selected based on responses to a comprehensive online questionnaire and phone interviews with select contacts. Depending on the question, respondents were asked to name up to three firms or individuals with whom they have experience based on their competence, expertise, and innovation. Individuals and companies were ranked out of 10, with respondents providing the reasoning behind their votes.

“It’s an amazing honor to receive recognition from peers and colleagues throughout our specialized industry,” said Giles. “Both of these recognitions are total team wins for MSL Captive Solutions. They serve as an affirmation of our entire team doing everything necessary to exceed the expectations of our clients and uphold the highest standards set within our industry. Throughout my career, I have been privileged to work alongside the top technical experts in the medical stop-loss captive industry.

“We would also like to recognize our tremendously supportive relationships with our carrier partners,” added Peter Parent, MSL Chief Underwriting Officer. “We are fortunate to work with several of the industry’s leading stop-loss carriers, and having these exceptional partners allows us to deliver highly creative solutions to our captive clients.”

The full listing of Captive International’s U.S. Captive Awards can be viewed via the following link:

Captive International releases latest article from MSL Captive Solution’s Phillip Giles

Phillip Giles, Managing Director of MSL Captive Solutions, released a newly published article in Captive International Magazine. The article discusses the tremendous expansion and emerging trends in the medical stop-loss captive industry and how a captive program should focus on improving the effectiveness for its members. Stated Giles in the article: “It is important to mention that the real opportunity for distinguishing the value of a group captive will be based on its ability to deliver meaningful rate reductions and long-term stability. From this vantage, there is increased opportunity for programs incorporating innovative and impactful medical cost and risk reduction initiatives as the basis of their platform.” “The primary objective of a captive should be to distance the employer from market volatility and stabilize the ultimate cost of risk over time. The expectation should center on attaining long-term rate stability rather than immediate price gratification.”

The full article can be viewed at the following Link:

About MSL Captive Solutions, Inc

MSL Captive Solutions is the leading managing general underwriter dedicated to captive programs for medical stop loss. Our exclusive focus is working with select program managers, brokers, consultants, and captive managers to build proprietary group and single-parent captive programs. We provide outsourced underwriting management to several of the world’s leading carriers and can develop customized captive programs with each carrier. Our expertise and objectivity maximize our ability to develop the most appropriate captive structure for each broker/client. MSL Captive Solutions was recognized as the U.S. Reinsurance Firm of the Year in 2023 by Captive International Magazine.

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