The Evolution Revolution of MSL Group Captives

by | May 5, 2022 | Articles

The MSL market has grown tremendously over the past decade, going from a $7 billion market to a $26 billion market over the past 12 years…

“The second and third gen captives distinguish themselves from their predecessors by providing a bundled platform of risk reduction and cost-control initiatives.”

–Phillip Giles, MSL Captive Solutions

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MSL Captive Solutions is the leading managing general underwriter dedicated to captive programs for medical stop loss. Our exclusive focus is working with select program managers, brokers, consultants, and captive managers to build proprietary group and single-parent captive programs. We provide outsourced underwriting management to several of the world’s leading carriers and can develop customized captive programs with each carrier. Our expertise and objectivity maximize our ability to develop the most appropriate captive structure for each broker/client. MSL Captive Solutions was recognized as the U.S. Reinsurance Firm of the Year in 2023 by Captive International Magazine.

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